The Company


The Mission

Our aim is to provide a universal tool for stress management and stress relief. Therefore we want to create an awareness of the impact of stress on our mind and body.
Stress is a core feature of the human condition. In a life full of challenges, its power enables us to adapt and develop.

However, there is a fine line between positive excitement and harmful stress.
We are dedicated to developing solutions that further our understanding of personal stress – for a healthy and more balanced life.

The Basis

Modern life pushes us to face a lot of different challenges including work, family, health and other issues. In recent years, chronic stress has caused a rapidly growing number of physical and mental diseases.

Becoming a victim of bad stress is a gradual process, rarely realized or understood by the ones affected . How can we master our stress and use it as a source of energy?

In order to find and “create” the answer, KENKOU has gathered an enthusiastic team of physicians, mental coaches , visionaries as well as designers and developers in the field of hard- and software.

The answer is fueled by a revolution, that already impacts billions of lives: mobile technology. Smartphones and wearable devices are close companions in our daily lives. Why not turn them into guardians of our stress life?


The Founders


MANAGING DIRECTOR & investor relations, finance
  • Serial entrepreneur: co-founder of The Swarm Productions, Hobnox, DKM Productions, Grönemeyer Medical Services
  • Accompanied several med-tech company sales and financing rounds as shareholder and consultant


  • Owner of Redtel Fitness (Rehab Sports Club, specialised in heart patients treatment)
  • Research and development of med-tech products in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute


  • 20 years of digital product development knowledge, founding and managing companies with creative and technological teams with sizes from 2 to 300 people

  • In-depth knowledge about software development, digital communication, product design, brand experience, agile commerce, social media


    • BSc Business Studies, MSc Service Management

    • Project management, sales controlling, business development

    • Serial entrepreneur, owner of OXFOR GmbH

The Method

Our cardiovascular system reveals a lot about our current stress resources. We just need to listen closely.

KENKOU uses mobile lightcardiography to track and analyze vital signs in our everyday life.

Highly accurate measurement as well as complex algorithms allow us to identify a vast variety of stress states within the body.

We’ll learn when, where and how stressed we are. The better we understand individual circumstances the better we can help.

The Grand Scheme

KENKOU delivers helpful content and the most suitable, individual stress relief for everybody based on ones vital signs.

In order to offer the most effective and proven strategies against bad stress, we have integrated methods of mindfulness into our products.

With mindfulness, stress can be reduced before it affects us in a negative way.

We at KENKOU are convinced that only a holistic approach will enable humanity to get better at stress and use its power to lead a more fulfilled life.

  • Sketching the hardware
  • Renderings of the hardware
  • Prototyping

The Company Structure

The KENKOU GmbH consists of two divisions: KENKOU Service Suite covers our mobile healthcare solutions for end customers.

KENKOU Science is our development division for licensable medical diagnostic tools.