Stress: A Health Threat

100 million Americans
are living under extreme stress.

Cardiovascular diseases are currently on the rise.

Until now, humanity has not managed to properly fight stress. In fact,
stress has increased worldwide.



Chart of stress tipes

Stress has the ability to boost performance. KENKOU identifies what the turning point of your stress level is, and warns you of distress and its bad effects on your health.

Application mock-up of Breathe Pro
Application mock-up of Breathe Pro

What We Do

It´s time for scientific tools that provide precise technology for stress detection and proven stress coping strategies.

KENKOU Stress Guide and KENKOU Breathe are mobile applications that offer physiological and psychological insights. We offer a rational, user friendly approach to manage stress positively.


Stress experts in your pocket. Kenkou applications are the first applications to combine mindful techniques with medical grade cardiovascular measurement.


  • …enhances your self-awareness
  • …rationalizes your feeling of stress
  • …provides you with guidance
  • …offers customized solutions
Lightcardiography  functionality